Economic “Cleansing”

People call it “credit crunch” but I call it “economic cleansing”.  This is a time where many have to go through, are going through or have been through a “cleansing” period to get things they’ve always wanted.  Just as obstacles arise when goals are set, so is the cleansing period.  You could blame it on any reason or combination of reasons but I strongly believe that things are good, life is still enjoyable and efforless and will continue to be if  ONLY we believe and see what this cleansing period holds or brings to us.

An example of how this “cleansing period” has brought enormous changes in peoples live is the Bernie Madoff survivors.  These people now work together to support each other and families have grown closer.  This period has helped them realize that LOVE is what matters most and NOT money and all the luxuries they had.  I believe with the love they’ve come to experience now,  when their wealth returns they will be completely different people because they will know what values to attach to money and other material possessions.

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Felicity Okolo like each of us has been on her own journey of discovery, which she shares through her work. She is one of the UK’s leading Life Coach & Transformational Speaker especially on Women Empowerment. Felicity is the author of "Who Stole My Power? And The Easy Way To Reclaim It!" and the author of the forthcoming book "It Is My Life And I'm In Charge" Her purpose in life is to “Empower and lead people in a dynamic and passionate manner to live to their true potential all happy, healthy, prosperous, expressing love and peace for the highest good of all concerned.”
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