Breast cancer deaths record low in UK

It is interesting to learn that the number of women dying of  breast cancer in the UK has fallen according to the BBC report today.

The policy manager at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Dr Sarah Cant said: “It is great news that fewer women are dying from breast cancer and highlights the impact of improved treatments, breast screening and awareness of the disease.

She went on further by saying, “However, this is still too many women and incidence of the disease is increasing year-on-year.”

Incidence of the disease is increasing year-on-year, and this is not just breast cancer but other forms of cancer such as brain cancer.

I think more should be done in preventing cancer instead of spending more money in cancer treatments.  Prevention is better than cure as the old saying goes. 

When people finally get to understand that cancer is connected with “hate” and to prevent cancer they have to eliminate hate from their lives and show more love, then we will start seeing rate of cancer diagnosis fall for good.

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