Knowing Yourself and knowing what to give

Recently, I have come to understand that one of the many reasons why people fail in relationships, business/job/career or life in general is because they do not ‘know who they are’.  For someone to understand who they really are is like laying solid foundation for a building.  That building in this case is their life.  Without a solid foundation a building ‘their life’ will crumble every time little wind blows, having them to be constantly rebuilding and sometime not being able to fix/rebuild themselves properly.

First step in knowing yourself is to understand you are like your Creator who is Love.  Knowing that you are Love just like your Creator, if someone tells you they don’t love you, why should that bother you?  As long as you love yourself, your Creator loves you and you are Love, someone else is out there you will appreciate and love you back as you deserve.

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