Nigella Lawson Or Any Woman’s Abuse Is Not Acceptable

From the pictures published, Nigella does not look like a woman enjoying your ‘playful tiff’ Mr Saatchi in my opinion.

There are over 20 other ways you could ’emphasise your point’ without holding your woman’s throat or squeezing her nose in such manner Mr Saatchi or any mister who does the same. Here are three ways: stamp your foot, press your index finger firmly on the table or use your tone of voice while making the point you want to emphasise.

Nigella does not look shocked by Mr Saatchi’s action, in my opinion this indicates that she has experienced this form of abuse called “playful tiff’ a number of times.

Even though it was reported that “There had been no suggestions that the couple’s relationship was in trouble” a lot of domestic violence cases goes undetected because the victims hide it thinking it will go away not knowing that by so doing they are giving their abuser permission to keep abusing them knowing that the victims feel shame and do not want other people to find out. The abuser in turn feels protected and goes about his ‘abusive business’ as usual. This is not acceptable. This is a classic example of relationships where you think everything is going well only for you to hear one day that the man has killed his wife, children and set the house on fire.

Domestic violence just ain’t cool be it indoors or in public.

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