Obama on Death of Osama Bin Laden

Obama may have brought down America’s Number one terrorist Osama Bin Laden to the relief of the nation. But the nation’s greatest secret enemy, in fact the world’s secret enemy – domestic violence, still lives in millions of homes around the world.

Osama may have scored 0, but domestic violence still scores 3 every day in America. That’s 3 women killed every day because of domestic violence in the US. Osama may have scored 0, but domestic violence still scores 2 a week in the UK. That’s 2 women killed every week in the UK due to domestic violence.  Osama may have scored 0, but domestic violence still scores 24 in Russia. That’s one woman killed every hour every day in Russia due to domestic violence according to statistics. We want the score to change to Obama 1, Domestic Violence 0 in the US. Prime Minister 1, domestic violence 0 in the UK and Russia. Other countries presidents and prime ministers scoring 1 and domestic violence scoring 0.

Domestic violence is terrorism by family members and spouses to their victims. This internal hidden terrorism is more dangerous than any externally known terrorism because women – the victims, the backbone of the family- have little or no way of knowing when the enemy will strike and destroy her and her family.

The government needs to tackle this internal hidden terrorism called domestic violence against women with same gravity as external terrorism. It costs less because there is no need for external intelligence. The victims are the Secret Agents. The victims’ injuries are the Secret Intelligence. The perpetrators are the Osama’s of this hidden Al-Qaeda – domestic violence.

All the factors: states, counties, districts, homes and individual number of victims known and unknown are clear evidence of this crippling terrorism in most American homes.

The government has to act NOW. They have to strike now to destroy the bas***d before it causes more atrocity than Osama Bin Laden.

We all want domestic violence to be brought to justice just like Osama. And everyone wants to celebrate the eradication of this terrorist that has lived in millions of homes for decades or longer. Probably longer than Osama had been a threat to America and other western world.

Here the government sits, and it is time for the US President to give a command to bring down this Number One World crippling terrorism after Osama Bin Laden. The government of other nations should give command to eradicate domestic violence.

We urge the government to provide more shelters, resources and care facilities to women victims of domestic violence. To provide more training on self-esteem & self-confidence to survivors and their children. To educate our youths especially in schools and college about domestic violence to help prevent domestic violence in future generations.

We urge employers to be more understanding and provide safe working environment for women staff and victims. We urge neighbours to be on the look out for this enemy so well know and report it to the police. Most importantly, we urge you the Secret Agents – victims of domestic- to have the courage and take number one responsibility to report the enemy attack against you so we all can take this enemy out and celebrate.

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