Please Santa, All I Want For Christmas Is Peace

The festive and holiday season is here once
again. While most people are buying and wrapping
presents, decorating and stuffing their stockings,
going away to be with loved ones and getting
excited, others are dreading this season. Because
they know that this season they will endure
domestic violence again.

For these people, especially women and children,
all they wish from Santa this Christmas is PEACE
for themselves and others in similar situation.

17 years ago, I was one of those people. In a
shelter on Christmas day with my three young
children aged three and half years, two years and
five months old. I was glad we were safe and had
peace away from my abusive ex-husband.

Without a Christmas tree, decorations and the
trimmings, my children had one present each from
Barnados Charity that my Health Visitor brought to
us three days before Christmas. After attending
Christmas Mass, we settled in our room to rice and
water with peace and gratitude in our hearts.

I know many women in Refuges where I run
workshops, who will spend Christmas there and many
who will join them.

The holiday and festive season sees increase in
domestic violence with finance, alcohol and
increased time with family members as contributory

As we celebrate, let’s remember those who will be
abused and keep our ears open and assist anyone we

Help is available for anyone concerned by calling
National Domestic Violence Helpline in UK, free on
0808 2000 247. In case of emergency, call the
police on 999.
In the US by calling National Domestic Violence
Hotline, free on 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or
1-800-787-3224 (TTY) . In case of emergency, call
the police on 911.
If you are located outside the above mentioned
countries please call the appropriate
organisations or emergency numbers.

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