Your Health: Three Alternative Healing Methods

What is Health?

“Health is generally defined as being “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to Plato’s definition to the Greek physicians of his time, the word “health” means a state of being whole, hearty, sound in all phases of your being – spirit, soul, body, affairs. Health includes healthy financial affairs; healthy relationships with others; a healthy spiritual understanding.

I believe Plato and WHO’s definition is pretty much the same.

There are certain factors that affect our health. They are;

1.Food (wrong type or too much food)

2.Lack of exercise


4.Finance (financial pressure)

5.Relationship (challenging or abuse in relationship)


If anything goes wrong with any of the listed areas or others not in the list, our health suffers.

There is another factor that affects our health, and this is our thinking and emotions.

So, how does our thoughts and emotions affect our health?

To answer this question let’s first look at what disease is and the cause of disease.

“A disease or medical condition is an abnormal condition of an organism that impairs bodily functions, associated with specific symptoms and signs. It may be caused by external factors, such as invading organisms, or it may be caused by internal dysfunctions, such as autoimmune diseases. “

In human beings, “disease” is often used more broadly to refer to any condition that causes extreme pain, dysfunction, distress, social problems, and/or death to the person afflicted, or similar problems for those in contact with the person.

According to philosophers and metaphysicians, disease is caused by stress to the body. Disease when hyphenated (dis-ease) is a body not at ease.

Our body is really the product of our thoughts. We are beginning to understand in medical science the degree to which the nature of thoughts and emotions actually determines the physical substance and structure and function of our bodies.

You may not know, but all stress begins with one negative thought. One thought, then more thoughts come and more, until stress is manifested. The effect is stress, but the cause was negative thinking and it all began with one small negative thought.

The good news is that no matter what you’ve manifested, you can change it with one small positive thought and then another and so on.

Our body creates disease to give us feedback, which is a good thing I think. Your body is saying to you, you are hurting me, you are feeding me wrong things. The whole idea of any feedback as you know is for you to evaluate and know how to move forward. Thus, if your body is saying to you that it is not happy, the only way to make your body happy is to eliminate the cause of the unhappiness. You do that by changing from negative to positive thinking to bring harmony to your body.

According to a scientist-doctor Alexis Carrel from his book “Man Unknown” written decades ago, he wrote that “Envy, hate, and fear, when these sentiments are habitual, are capable of starting organic changes and genuine disease”. Within recent times, his professional colleagues have begun to agree. When you change those negative beliefs and emotions, you change the body which house them in its cells.

Do not “feed” your body is these bad “foods” – anger, resentment, hate, sadness, ungratefulness, unforgiving heart, fear, worry etc because your body is “allergic” to them and they cause dis-ease.

Rather “feed” or nourish your body with “good foods” such as laughter, forgiveness, gratitude, joy, happiness, peace, love and all things nice J and this all equals Perfect Health.

The other good news is that you have healing power within you which you can bring to consciously release and this is so because: The body has a super-wisdom within it that is biased toward health, rather that toward disease.

This life force in man has been estimated to be at least ten times more powerful than any form of treatment he may take, though various treatments are helpful in releasing this inner force.



Forgiveness is typically defined as the process of concluding resentment, indignation or anger as a result of a perceived offense, difference or mistake, and ceasing to demand punishment or restitution.”

Forgiveness does not change the past but it changes the pain of the past and—unlocks the door to the future.

If you are out of harmony with anyone; if you have been caused unhappiness in the past for which you are still holding a grudge; if you feel you have been unjustly treated in financial or private matters;

If you feel that some loss has robbed you of the happiness that should have been yours by divine right;

If you feel strongly about unhappy childhood and family experiences

If you feel strongly about unhappy childhood and family experiences – you may have every human reason for your feelings, and for continuing to nurse them.

You may be able to justify those feelings in a thousand ways but you mainly hurt yourself by holding the grudge. Your health, prosperity, happiness, and peace of mind can and will be destroyed if you continue to harbour negative emotions.

If you now are in a state of ill health, there maybe something, somebody or some memory you need to forgive and release from your feelings forever. Perhaps you are not consciously aware of what it is. But your subconscious mind, which is the storehouse of your feelings, emotions, and memories, knows what it is. It will respond with release and healing when you give yourself treatments in forgiveness and by using the following affirmation;

“I fully and freely forgive. I loose and let go. I let go and let God’s love do its perfect work in me, through me, for me. I let go and let God’s love do its perfect work in the conscious, subconscious and superconscious activities of my mind, body and affairs. I give thanks that peace, health, plenty and happiness now reign supreme in me and my world.”

Holding a grudge is like putting your body through a major stressful event. Your blood pressure rises, your muscles tense, and you sweat more.

But when you forgive the grudge, your body can relax and release the stress.

Also when we hold resentment toward another, we are bound toward that person by a cosmic link, and forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and be free.


“Laughter is an audible expression or appearance of happiness, or an inward feeling of joy (laughing on the inside). It may ensue (as a physiological) from jokes, tickling, and other stimuli.”

First of all, laughter is not the same as humor. Laughter is the physiological respo­nse to humor. Laughter consists of two parts — a set of gestures and the production of a sound. When we laugh, the brain pressures us to conduct both those activities simultaneously. When we laugh heartily, changes occur in many parts of the body, even the arm, leg and trunk muscles.

We’ve ­long known that the ability to laugh is helpful to those coping with major illness and the stress of life’s problems. But researchers are now saying laughter can do a lot more — it can basically bring balance to all the components of the immune system, which helps us fight off diseases.

Laughter reduces levels of certain stress hormones. In doing this, laughter provides a safety valve that shuts off the flow of stress hormones and the fight-or-flight compounds that swing into action in our bodies when we experience stress, anger or hostility. These stress hormones suppress the immune system, increase the number of blood platelets (which can cause obstructions in arteries) and raise blood pressure. When we’re laughing, natural killer cells that destroy tumors and viruses increase, as do Gamma-interferon (a disease-fighting protein), T-cells, which are a major part of the immune response, and B-cells, which make disease-destroying antibodies.

An example is Norman Cousins the man who laughed himself to health. Norman Cousins (1915 to 1990), longtime editor of the Saturday Review, global peacemaker, receiver of  hundreds of awards including the UN Peace Medal and nearly fifty honorary doctorate degrees, overcame a life threatening disease and a massive coronary, each time using his own nutritional and emotional support protocol.

Cousin’s seminal book ”Anatomy of an Illness” details his healing journey overcoming ankylosing spondylitis (a degenerative disease causing the breakdown of collagen). Given up to die within a few months in 1965, almost completely paralyzed, Cousins checked out of the hospital, moved into a hotel room and began taking extremely high doses of vitamin C while exposing himself to a continuous stream of humorous films and similar ”laughing matter”. His condition steadily improved and Cousins regained the use of his limbs until he was able to return to his full-time job at the Saturday Review.


“Gratitude, thankfulness, or appreciation is a positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive.”

At the University of California at Davis, psychology researchers conducted a study to explore the factor of gratitude on human health and wellness.

One of the things that researchers discovered was that “a daily gratitude intervention (self-guided exercises) with young adults resulted in reported levels of positive states of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness and energy.“

Also, adults with neuromuscular disease benefited greatly in terms of higher energy, positive moods, and optimist ratings of one’s life when they practiced a 21-days gratitude intervention program.

Why 21 days I hear you ask? Because, it takes 21 days to establish a habit and re-train the brain to develop new thought patterns that then influence behavior.

So no matter the diagnosis or dis-ease you can apply the above methods to help you get back to health. These alternative methods can also be used in conjunction with any other conventional methods without side effects. Remember these words according to Norman Cousins, “don’t deny the diagnosis, defy the verdict.”

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