Biography of Felicity Okolo

Felicity Okolo is a UK’s leading expert in the development of human potential. She is a Domestic Violence Eradication Coach & Expert, a dynamic, transformational and entertaining speaker, and trainer.


Felicity is the author of It Is My Life And I’m In Charge, a best selling book of her personal experience of how she coped, survived and conquered domestic violence and how any woman can do the same. She is the Creator of the It Is My Life And I’m In Charge book Series and Products.


Her trainings create possibilities to women and organizations on thriving after domestic violence, minimizing collateral damage and in preventing domestic violence.


Felicity has a wonderful ability to inform, influence and inspire audiences towards increased levels of self-esteem, to create a more powerful and purposeful future for themselves while taking personal responsibility for their lives.


Felicity is a regularly featured speaker for government and non-government organisations, churches and corporations. She runs a series of coaching programs, workshops and trainings.


Felicity has worked with many women and organizations globally.  Few of her clients include Imperial College, Women’s Aid, Hestia Group and Rubidus Ltd.


Felicity has been featured on BEN TV, Premier Christian Radio, The Voice Newspaper and NTA amongst others.


Felicity is blessed to have survived domestic violence and glad to be happy again with her three children.


Felicity’s purpose in life is to Empower and lead people in a dynamic and passionate manner to live to their true potential, all happy, healthy and prosperous, expressing love and peace for the highest good of all concerned.



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Biography of Felicity Okolo


Why should you work with Felicity?

Choosing a life coach is a critical decision. It's imperative to find someone who will take the time to understand your individual needs and concerns and structure a life plan specific to you.

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