Why should you work with Felicity?

Choosing a life coach is a critical decision. It's imperative to find someone who will take the time to understand your individual needs and concerns and structure a life plan specific to you. Felicity's expertise lies in doing an overall analysis of every client's personal goals and business needs and working with both their weaknesses and strengths. She excels at training you to completely change your thinking - learning how to overcome any obstacles in your way, effectively build on all your positive attributes and follow a straight path to success.

Here is how she changed one client's life and turned around his business:


Q. What was life like for you before you started working with your coach?

Hylton: My life was in constant turmoil. I was working extremely hard - nine to eleven hours a day - yet not reaping any rewards from it. There were days when the phones rang constantly from 7:30 am till 6:30 pm. I was always in a state of panic; there was never enough time to get everything done or to do things properly. Worst of all, I wasn’t bookkeeping correctly, so I wasn’t even sure what profit I was making. It was an unbelievably stressful situation, every single day.

Q. What is life like for you now - both from a business sense and personal satisfaction standpoint?

Hylton:  The skills my life coach, Felicity, taught me have turned my entire life around. My business is now running smoothly. It’s more systemized and less stressful. I’m more relaxed and I know what I’m doing from day to day. Best of all, my profits have been steadily increasing. Most importantly, I now have more time to spend time with my family. I can finally enjoy life and do other things besides constantly working.

Q. What do you think were the one or two main things that helped you turn things around?

Hylton: The first thing was when I started putting into practice all the different skills I learned from Felicity. I walked away from my life coach training with so many life-changing tools. For instance, I always had low self-esteem. I believed I could never reach above a certain height and it completely affected my ability to excel in the building trade. My self confidence and belief in my abilities and my potential is much higher now. I know I can achieve great things in my life and my future.

Q. Some people think “Too many cooks spoil the broth”, but others say “Two good heads are better than one.” What has been your experience in working with a coach?

Hylton: I would say, “Two good heads are better than one.” I was always a person who believed I was doing the right thing because I was doing it at a breakneck speed! When you’re doing things so quickly all day long, you don’t have time to reflect on what you’re actually accomplishing or even see whether you’re doing things correctly. I think one of the most important skills I learned from Felicity was to stop and think about what I am doing. When you slow down and reflect on what you are doing, you can access whether you doing it the right way or even the best way.  My coach taught me to how to fully analyse my business based on certain systems and that is what I’ve done.

Q. Would you say your outlook for the future is brighter now?

Hylton: It is definitely bright. Even though the current recession has affected a lot of builders, I am not worried. Because of what I learned - and am still learning - from Felicity, I have not been affected. I’m carrying on just the same. I’m using a better system now than I did before and my client base is constantly growing. One of the many powerful secrets to success I discovered is simply keeping in touch with my clients. I never did that in my old business and it’s made a big difference. I’m very optimistic about my future.

Q. Do you honestly feel that you would be in that position today, if you did not have a coach to guide and help you?

Hylton:  Definitely not. If not for my life coach, I would still be on the same endless track - running fast, but not really going  anywhere! I’d be getting up in the morning and racing out of the door.  The phone will be constantly ringing and I’d never have a minute to spare. Thanks to Felicity, I have learned to slow down and it has made me much more productive. I’ve outsourced some of the things I can’t stand doing, such as bookkeeping and other paperwork. Having someone come in three days a week to do all that for me gives me more time to concentrate on the things I love to do. That’s made a huge difference in my business and my profits.


Q. What would you say to others about the value of having a coach, mentor or advisor to help them in their business?

Hylton: Having a coach is invaluable. If you are serious about progressing in your life and business, you need to have one. Want to see a great example of how important a coach can be? Look at every top athlete, in every sport around the world, and various other successful people. They all depend on coaches. To succeed in any sport or any business or even our personal lives, we need people to see us for where we are now, plus envision our future potential for greatness. You cannot accomplish that on your own. You need to be held accountable to someone else. We all need someone who can help, advise and guide us to become the very best we can be. Felicity changed my life and future; you can’t put a price on that.


Here's what some of her other clients had to say:

“Prior to attending Effortless Life seminar, I used to use a lot of negative words, but since attending the seminar and using techniques I learnt, I use more positive words and it feels good”.
- Cecilia Sacklin


“I am familiar with the concept taught at the seminar, but since attending ‘Effortless Life’ Seminar, I have learnt techniques that is helping be more positive, cheerful and more grateful to God. It has also reignited my spiritual awareness of the spiritual being that I am instead of playing small and thinking certain things in life are not achievable.”
- Rev.Fr. Casimir Dike


“I used to be very argumentative with my partner, but since attending ‘Effortless Life’ Seminar I learnt ways to approach situations and prevent arguments and it works. I am more positive and calm these days. Thanks Felicity.”
- Laura Chukwu


“Before attending ‘Effortless Life’ Seminar, I use to think there was no point in being industrious due to frustrations and disappointments in my relationships. In the seminar I learnt that I do not have to play small for others to be happy and that it is good to be industrious and be myself.”
- Rita Nzewi


My name is Hylton, when I was invited to the ‘Know & Understand yourself’ seminar I was sceptical. But I found the evening enjoyable, the teachings extremely enlightening and informative. I have immediately started to use the contents in my life and I am now booking on the next seminar for my family and me. I have no problem in recommending ‘Effortless Life’ seminars to anyone.
-Hylton Forrester


Using methods I learnt from the seminar I am now able to switch my mood to happy one during tense situation and when overwhelmed instead of being worried or frustrated like before. I now take responsibility for outcomes in my life, smile more, feel more at ease and more grateful.
-Melije Ugo


"Before coaching, I would set goals but unable to achieve them because of lack of focus and limiting beliefs about my success.  Since being coached by Felicity, I am more focused and know how to deal with my limiting beliefs about my success and on my way to achieving my goals".
 -  Francis, London UK


"Some people may find life coaching over the phone to be a strange experience, however, with Felicity, I was very much at ease. Her welcoming, caring and sensitive nature encouraged me to trust her: I felt safe and secure. Our 45 minute session was extended as Felicity felt there was an area that really needed some focus and for me, this is where Felicity demonstrated that her 'coachee's' best interests were at the centre of her heart. In my opinion a coach should be a great listener, be genuinely interested in my challenges, offer guidance to help me find solutions, trustworthy, reliable, and very passionate about helping people to their next level. I found all these things in Felicity and much more.

 Thanks Felicity!"
- Desiree, London UK


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Why should you work with Felicity?

Choosing a life coach is a critical decision. It's imperative to find someone who will take the time to understand your individual needs and concerns and structure a life plan specific to you.

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