1. NEW:   Ethos  Fundamentals For Success in Business & Personal Life

Duration: 2 Days 


To set the right and appropriate  foundation for success in personal and business life.



A hunger for success, a thirst to learn new fundamentals  and to unlearn old disempowering ways.


WARNING: If you enjoy whining, complaining, blaming everybody else and everything and happy the way your life is right now, then you need not attend because things will change for the better and I do not want you to be unhappy.




1.    Business owners, professionals and consultants who are stuck and unsure why they are not making progress in business with lots of hard work.


2.    Staff in organisations who need to improve their performance and productivity  at work and enhance their personal lives in the process


3.   Celebrities who are not satisfied with their success or not sure how to manage their success and turning to destructive behaviours and substances for solace.


4.    Wannabe celebrities who want to avoid turning to destructive behaviours and substances in the peak of their careers.




1.    You will learn how to destroy disempowering and limiting beliefs and how to create empowering beliefs on the fly.

2.    You'll learn how to take charge of your life and the results you create by taking 100% Responsibility every time.

3.   Formula for everlasting happiness at zero cost

4.    You'll learn how to set business and personal goals easily

5.    You'll learn the various ways you create your good and bad, prevent your good and destroy your good and how to fix it so you consciously create and receive all your goods.

6.   You'll learn how you've been making life hard for yourself unnecessarily and how to change that for the better by understanding Rules you create consciously and subconsciously

7.    You'll learn how to have a more balanced work-personal life by understanding and rearranging your Values







Attendees experience:


1.    1.Improvement and enhancement in performance and productivity at work

2.    More joy at work and personal life because of knowledge of life balance

3.   More control of the results in their life by taking 100% Responsibility  for their lives

4.    More focus on positive and empowering ways of solving challenges and dealing with others and themselves



2. It Is My Life And I'm In Charge Workshop (Women Only)

3. Train - A -Trainer Program

4. Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence Training

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